Violin Lessons in Fairfield, Vacaville and Davis!

Beginner Violin Lessons

Violin lessons for beginners are offered for kids and adults who have no prior experience in playing musical instrument. You will learn the fundamentals of classical violin technique, music theory and basic ear-training.

Intermediate Violin Lessons

Intermediate violin classes are designed for students familiar with basic music theory and have at least two-year experience playing violin. You will learn about classic shifting techniques, double-stops and chord playing, advanced violin bow techniques such as spiccato, martele, staccato and more, as well as how to master violin vibrato. 


Advanced violin Lessons

Our advanced violin technique lessons are for advanced students and young professionals who want to perfect their violin skills or need a coach to help them to prepare for a violin competitions or orchestral auditions.

Born in Italy in the mid 16th Century, violin possesses one of the most unique and easily recognizable voices of all musical instruments. Violin playing encompasses all the nuances of human emotions and can be described as passionate, intense, and fiery or delicate, sweet and refined and, in the right hands, it can move you and inspire you. I find teaching music very fulfilling experience and I am committed to helping my students to achieve great success on their musical journey!

Max Baluyev

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